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R/Client Software for Victim Services

Technology Solutions for the Victim Service and Criminal Justice Community.

R/Client Victim Software was designed by Great Lakes staff and a consortium of victim-serving agencies to address the specific needs of a wide variety of victim-serving agencies. These include:

  • Domestic Violence Agencies
  • Sexual Assault Agencies
  • DA-Based Victim/Witness Programs
  • Probation & Parole Departments
  • Police Departments

Flexibility is the heart of R/Client. As agency demands expand and change, R/Client can grow with your agency. With R/Client you can add new programs, services, and locations as your needs dictate. Registration and demographic information may be customized to the needs of the agency. All codes can be defined and modified in the system, and you don't need a programmer or a computer program to do so. With new funding sources come new reporting requirements. These new requirements can be easily accomplished with R/Client.



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