R/Client Case Management Software

Why choose R/Client

R/Client is powerful and comprehensive case management software for social and victim service agencies.  R/Client helps your agency increase productivity and success by allowing administrators and managers to focus on your mission by capturing statistics and reporting them the way your funders want to see them.


R/Client provides a comprehensive set of features that are appreciated by a wide variety of community-based client service agencies.  These features provide the flexibility to allow R/Client to grow with your agency. 

  • Track demographics by type of client—Primary client, secondary client, significant other, family member, and offender (for victim services).
  • Define the data elements you want to capture for each type of client and identify the content of any dropdowns.
  • Define the services you want to record, and how you want to record them.  
  • Create as many programs as you need to assist in tracking both clients and services.  Clients can be in multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Record and track statistics about hotline calls and referrals.
  • Manage reporting requirements for multiple funders. 
  • Create custom reports using our integrated report writer. 
  • Track and report on services provided by volunteers.
  • Maintain information on any occurrences of turning clients away from service and the reasons why.
  • Attach any electronic files to a client’s record—photos, medical reports, information from other agencies, etc.
  • In addition to recording Education & Training services, R/Client has a special section that allows you to track additional information including audience characteristics and evaluations.
  • Outcomes allow you to create and track multiple client surveys.

Special Features

A special feature set is designed to help agencies that provide services to victims of crime—domestic violence and rape crisis centers, and child advocacy centers in the private sector; and police departments and district attorney’s offices in the public sector.

  • Incident reporting allows an agency to stay on top of multiple incidents for each client.
  • Protection orders and violations are easily tracked.
  • Other legal proceedings from major felony trials to custody hearings can be entered and followed to their conclusion.
  • Record detailed information on victim compensation claims filed and their outcome.

Learn More About R/Client

Want to learn more about R/ Client and how our case management software can help your Victim Services or Social Services company? Browse our brochure to get more info.