Find Great Staff

Why Us?

Working with us means your organization can spend more time focusing on its core mission while we take care of recruitment, payroll, and related functions.

We provide:

  • Staff Expertise- knowledge of human services and Human Resources
  • Recruitment – knowing where to find the best candidates and ensuring the best fit
  • Screening – proficiency with background and reference checks
  • Risk Management – all employee- related insurance provided (professional liability, workers' comp, bonding)
  • Flexibility/Responsiveness - recruitment process can be customized to your needs

The Recruitment Process

  • We start by learning about your organization and objectives, so we can find the perfect candidate for you. We try to ensure a culture fit between the candidate and your organization. We value the relationship built with each hiring manager.
  • We post this position on our extensive network of job sites and social media.
  • We screen resumes and conduct preliminary interviews to provide you with the top candidates.
  • We screen final candidates using a series of background checks, clearances, and reference checks.
  • After selection, we provide all onboarding services.

Ongoing Support

We stay in regular contact with your hiring manager to ensure high employee performance and assist in regularly scheduled employee evaluations.

HR Expertise

Our HR experts are well equipped to address the wide range of HR issues that can affect your company.  We also anticipate HR issues that can have an impact on your business and employees. 

Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Terminate and Exit Interview
  • Employee Handbook Development
  • Background Checks

Interested in our Employment Services?

If you are interested in using our employment services, please fill out a contact form for submission.